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Maybe. It depends on two conditions. Since October 1st 2020, transit passengers are only required to do a COVID-19 PCR Test if:

  • The passenger is arriving from a specific country; or
  • The destination country requires it.
Pre-travel PCR test is mandatory for transit passengers from some countries and when the destination country requires them to do so.
PCR test prior to departure is mandatory only for passengers travelling to a destination that requires a pre-travel negative test certificate.
The list of countries is specified on the Emirates website:

The COVID‑19 PCR test is no longer required for all passengers – it is only mandatory for those arriving from the following countries or/and when the destination country requires it:

Middle East and Africa: Angola, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Tanzania, Syria, Eritrea, Kenya, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, South Sudan, Djibouti, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Iran, Lebanon, Israel

Europe: Czech Republic, Romania, Montenegro, Malta, Georgia, Ukraine, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, Moldova

Asia: Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Philippine, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Nepal, Uzbekistan

North America: USA (California, Florida and Texas)

South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile

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